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The Company Was Established In The Year 2014 By A Group Of Businessmen From Sudan In Coordination And Consultation With Other Professional Personnel. All Persons Involved Have Extensive Contacts And Experience In Negotiating Deals And Executing The Trades For African Clientele Using Our International Supply Chain Networks

Meat products-delicatessen

(Live and slaughtered meat)


granulated sugar in a variety of textures from very fine or ultrafine to regular or coarse sugar granules

The Rice

We offer many different bulk rice options and types of rice indifferent configurations.

Edible oils

We supply both refined and crude vegetable oils including palm, soy, sunflower, and more


We offer many different kinds and varieties of nuts such as Peanuts, Cashew Nuts Almonds Walnuts, Hazelnuts, and Pistachios


we supply White and wholewheat flour is key ingredients inbaked goods, such as bread.

Our Mission

Healthy Foods Healthy Generation”We are an innovative, dynamic and socially responsible company, target to provide and spread a healthy food with wide choices and varieties for everyone.

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